One of DCNet's purposes is to serve local businesses, by making it possible for even the smallest business to easily afford a "home page" on the Web. (Pricing for design and a year's service is comparable to a few ad insertions in a local free newspaper.)

We are focusing on this low-cost approach because we believe that local, independently-owned businesses are important to the character of a neighborhood and should be helped in their competition with chain stores and superstores. If you are a local business and would like to either buy an advertisement sponsoring a particular page of information, or if you would like to use DC Neighborhoods as the way to have a low-cost presence on the Web, please e-mail us at biz@DCneighborhoods.net.

If you are a community-based non-profit or service organization and would like to make your information available on the Web, please send e-mail to orgs@DCneighborhoods.net or write to the address above. We provide free or reduced-cost home pages for non-profit organizations* and schools, as our time allows.

* Reduced-cost or free pages are provided to organizations that offer free or heavily subsidized services and that depend on donations and grants for a substantial part of their financing. Non-profit organizations that charge membership fees or provide business-like fee-based services are welcome, but will be charged normal small-business rates.

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